Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sports Hero

     Our discussion this week in class about Joe Louis made me give a lot og thought to what we consider a sport's hero.  Is it their dominence on the field or in the arena? Is it what they do for scoiety outside of athletism? I find it hard to admire a person who is not a good person.  Recent scandal with Tiger Woods has created much debate in the athletic world.  He is a world-class golfer. He has won numerous majors more than anyone else. He is a golfing legend. Now debate has errupted over him cheating on his wife with many women.  He just had a baby girl too. I do not considerate this right. As a golfer, before this incident I had a lot of respect for Tiger Woods but now I can't say that I do.
     Another athlete under scrutiny is Lance Armstrong. He has done so much good for the world in terms of cancer research. He has raised millions of dollars and proved that a cancer survivor can accomplish anything. He is a great role model. However, many people our questioning his success because accusations of gene doping. Even if he has I still respect as a person. In my eyes he is a hero.

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