Monday, November 22, 2010

Aggression in Football

Aggression in football is what makes the sport so likable. The combat draws in millions of fans. Its a sport for tough men.  Athletes know it is an aggressive sport going into it.  For this reason, very few girls desire to be apart of it.  When young boys sign up for this sport in high school they are fully aware its physical.  That being said I do not think it is right to compare the people who allow football to be played as equals to those who allow dog fighting.
    Football players enjoy their sport. They have a great passion for it. Take away that passion and they will not be happy. The meaning of life is to live it to the fullest, not the longest.  The football team brings great spirit to schools.  Homecoming is centered around it.  We can alter such a central American theme. Yes, football players may receive some long-lasting injuries. But this is the same case in all sports. There is always a risk for trouble. Cheerleaders, volleyball players, soccer players, anything physical can result injury. We can live our life in fear of what could be.  Football players are glorifies. They enjoy their high role in American culture.

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