Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Emphasis on Money

    We discussed in class the new themes emerging in sports. Originally, intended as a display of power and strength, sports have come a long way in our society. Their popularity has grown dramatically. Physical education is now a requirement in school, and it is the accepted norm to try a range of sports in your youth because everyone it seems has some "natural talent".
    Media has capitalized on this increased popularity. As Janice Todd noted, the 2010 Superbowl drew in more spectators than has any other television event. With over a hundred million people watching one sporting event how can we overlook the influence of sports to our lives, particularly in America. Everyone knows how expensive commercials during the superbowl are.  I feel association to a team or successful athlete is important. Clothing apparel, car decals, cups, posters, all highlighting sports exist. There exists an increased demand for sporting objects. Companies are capitalizing on this. Athletes are one of the highest paid people than America. Successful ones easily make more than doctors, lawyers, or actors. Tiger Woods became the first athlete a few years ago to earn over a billion dollars. That is a tremendous amount of money.
   New technologies are always being created to better enhance the athlete in whatever the sport. I would argue every 3 months a new line of golf clubs emerges claiming to drop one's golf score by 5 strokes. Having the best available equipment is fundamental to the athlete. Research and development must be creating a large share of money.  The modern sporting world is definitely a capital business. Revenue is a characteristic of the sporting world.

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