Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Doping Allowed in Sports?

There was talk today in class of making two worlds for sports. One for the athletes who take drugs and steroids, and one for those who chose not to. I do not like this option. To be a top athlete one is acting as a role-model. Taking drugs does not depict a good image for youth. How can others admire an athlete for their superiority if those desired qualities are not even natural?
If two different federations were made to govern every sport I am fully confident the federation allowing doping will be lost and overlooked. As mentioned above, spectators cannot lookup to a "fake" athlete. As our knowledge of medicine expands more and more drugs will be developed enhancing athlete performance. I refuse to believe any of these enhancements actually help the human body, and as more are created it will just serve to hinder health. So by creating two worlds of sports humans will just be supporting this unnatural, harmful lifestyle.
Also, even if two worlds were created there would be tension between the two divisions. I believe the athletes on dope would be envious of the "natural" athlete. The "natural" athlete would become a sport champion the old fashion way: through hard-work and dedication. That diligence is what makes athletes so admired. Few would admire anyone taking the short-cut to get to the top. Therefore, creating two worlds for sports would only further progress the issues surrounding doping.

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