Thursday, December 2, 2010

Athletics Role in College

   Many people condemn the large role sports play in universities. They feel it undermines the educational values the college is there to provide.  I strongly disagree with this notion.  If anything I would argue the athletics programs enhances the school's purpose. What creates greater school pride than the whole student body coming together to cheer on the football team against their greatest rivals.  When choosing schools many people look for schools with a strong student body relationship. Collegiate athletics is becoming as popular as professional ones.  Alumni are able to cheer on their old teams and continue their school spirit after graduation. Big sports like basketball, baseball, and football draw in a large crowd. This large fan base brings in revenue.  Many people question where this money goes. According to an article by Peter J. Schwartz there are four places money ends up:

1. The university itself, for "academic purposes"
2. The university athletic department.
3. The university's athletic conference.
4. Local communities with a vested interest in the team.
If money is going to the university and the community I would say it is definitely working towards welfare greater than the athletic department itself. The same however cannot be said for other student organizations such as band, choir, or theater.

  Secondly, athletic events allow students much needed time to draw away from their studies to an otherwise healthy environment. Drugs and alcohol are forbidden at these events. Let's be honest, most other times college students spend away from studying involves alcohol. Therefore, sporting events provide a safe place for students to mingle.  Some question the attitude the young athletes take on. They say it goes to their head and they feel as if they rule campus.  As a kinesiology major, I am around many of these young great athletes and I have not heard one of them make an arrogant remark in class. I feel other's concerns with athletics large role in the university is silly. Athletics helps the university, creates stronger bonds among students, and brings in large amounts of revenue to be used among the university.

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