Wednesday, October 6, 2010

McDonalds is Guilty??

    I have seen the movie Supersize Me before and am not a big fan of it. The movie I feel wants to place blame of the obesity epidemic on McDonalds. McDonalds is just another business trying to bring in as much money as possible. Some people try to say its McDonalds fault they are fat and unhealthy. But McDonalds just like every other big business is swayed by demand. If people demanded healthier foods they would provide it. They offer salads and fresh-fit meals, but the hamburger and fries are still more popular. Put simply, people just do not want to take responsibility for their own actions.
    Americans can eat out and be healthy. They can also stay at home, and eat a more fattening, calorie-dense meal than if they were to go out. It is all what a person contentiously decides to put in his mouth. Nowadays, we are educated from a young age that fast food is not good for us. Therefore, when we overindulge in greasy, fried foods we cannot blame the company that made it. It is the same as if one began smoking, got lung cancer and blamed the poor farmers growing tobacco. He knew the consequences when he smoked those thousands of cigarettes. The farmers are just trying to make ends meet by providing what society demands. Also note that he would have to smoke thousands of cigarettes before reeking the consequences of tobacco. It is the same for fast food. One hamburger is not going to make you fat, but eating them day in and out will. My point being, you are contentiously deciding time after time again to make the unhealthy choice. You have plenty of opportunity along the way to change your habits.
    I wish Americans could take responsibility for their actions and for the good of themselves to eat right. It seems as if it is in our culture its easy to point fingers. Hopefully, the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle will catch on. When citizens begin demanding nutritious foods the fast food joints in response will offer healthier options.

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